“Plant a Tree…Future Life Entree”


Plantsbhh is a website to gives information to provide valuable health to help you to find your way when you faced with health problems. Our website information is making health and wellness information can accessible and actionable so our content creation brings you the best possible health information.

We will continue to publish the best health benefit more content to help make reader life better. We ensure to help you to find your way when faced with healthcare decisions and to help you feel better about your health and that your family.


founder of plantsbhh

Plantsbhh Team

He is the founder and Chief Editor of Plantsbhh. He has done an MBA in finance. He is a nature-loving person his thoughts on plants benefit our life and start into a passion. If a man doesn’t plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity. so Plant a tree…Future life entree.  

Uttam Kundu

Founder & Chief Editor
Nitai from plantsbhh

Plantsbhh Team

He has done Master of Computer Application (MCA) and a total of nine years of work experience in the IT field. His strength is positive and adaptive minded and has a good team spirit.

Nitai Chandra Kundu

Web Designers & IT
content editor plantsbhh

Plantsbhh Team

He has completed a master’s degree and has three years of experience in writing a magazine. He has good skills in content writing. He struggled a lot in his life but never stopped giving up.

Anupam Sinha

Content Editor
Neetu from plantsbhh

Plantsbhh Team

She has pursued a Ph.D. at the Indian Institute of Management. The subject includes the study of biological, geology, and soil, the history of agriculture and farming technologies.

Neetu Roy

Plant specialist
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