Thuja Occidentalis commonly known as Arborvitae or white cedar is grown in Europe as an ornamental tree. However, was first identified as a remedy by native Indian in Canada during the 16th-century expedition and was found to prove effective in the treatment of weakness. Today mainly used in Homeopathy. Its height of 15 to 20 meters, it has coniferous pyramidal features with flattened branches and twigs in one plane. Leave are green over the whole years brighter green showing lower side where resin glands also reside. Seeds are very small 1-2 cm long green to brown coniferous. 

This tree will help you to give fresh oxygen with its green leaves. Arborvitae is classified as trees if you refer to them as shrubs or bushes long-lived. The average life expectancy of the arborvitae tree is 50 to 150 years.  


Arborvitae is beneficial for health by

The mature size of arborvitae depends on the species and cultivate some growing shrubs are under 3 feet tall and large trees can exceed the height of 70 feet and width of 25 feet.

The plant tolerates both acidic and alkaline soils. They prefer slightly acidic soil, and grow in a variety of soils, from clay to sandy loam. After the selected the location for the plantation of trees, dig a hole deep and wide. Mix a generous amount of compost with soil from the hole set the plant in a hole and fill with soil and compost. If you do not have any compost lightly tamp with soil water generously after planting.

It promotes new root growth by keeping the soil moist for the first few weeks after the transplanting. Once established, Arborvitae grows with little is for many years. The biggest task is pruning. Pruning is best done once a year in fall or early winter.

If a growing tree from seeds collects seeds in the fall. Start in peat pot indoors in early spring or directly seeded outdoor into the garden.

It can grow from cutting stems, cut a tree in a 4-5 inch branch of new growth. Strip away the lower leaves plant in the course into well drainage sand keep the soil moist.

Its growth rate of this tree is 2-4 feet per year, compare to others grow up to between 40 -60 feet. it’s really beneficial for you to enjoy a great amount of privacy they have a pyramidal shape that can be used as a Christmas tree.

The combination of wind, sun, freezing temperature, and lack of available water in winter can cause arborvitae foliage to turn brown and the leaves of another evergreen as well. This happens because they are drying out water is the lifeblood of foliage.


In the 19th century, Arborvitae extract was in common use as an externally applied tincture or ointment for the treatment of warts, ringworm, and thrush. An injection of the tincture into even real warts is said to cause them to disappear. Arborvitae joint health provides relief from the symptoms of mild arthritis/osteoarthritis, supports joint mobility flexibility, and helps enhance healthy joint function.

Arborvitae tree are giving fresh air by

Benefit for Headache

Headache is common for any age people after taking workload, stress, and many ways. Take the Decoction of Young wings and leaves of arborvitae to get relief from headache, cough, and fever.

Benefit for Parasites

Parasite infections can be spread in several ways contaminated water, food, waste, soil, and blood, or some can be passed through sexual contact. Take the decoction of the arborvitae leaves to get relief from the parasites, cystitis, and venereal diseases.

Benefit for Burn, gout, and Psoriasis

Arthritis and gout pain and inflammation occur joint pain, redness, and swelling in joint. The wart is the outer layer of the skin caused by a virus, psoriasis is thought to be an immune system problem infection, cold, and stress. The use of arborvitae leaves can have anti-inflammation which helps to treat burns, rheumatism, gout, arthritis, wart, and psoriasis.

A benefit to keep away from Evil spirit

As per the native Americans would burn the arborvitae tree leaves to produce the smoke. As it was, they believe that the smoke could keep us away from the evil spirits.

Benefit for bedwetting children

Common causes of children and adults having bedwetting an infection in any part of the urinary system, kidney bladder, or urethra. Arborvitae is a diuretic and has been to treat cystitis and bedwetting in children and adults.

A benefit of treating Joint pain and Muscles

Joint pain can have caused by heavy physical activity, lack of use, sprain, or strains. This herb can be applied to painful joints and muscles to increase blood circulation and thus reduce pain stiffness.

Benefit for Skin diseases

Skin diseases can be caused by a weakness in immunity, inflammation, infection, or allergic rash reaction anywhere in the body. Arborvitae tree oil is used to prevent from which a small herd, get relief from the skin caused by the virus.

Benefit for Wound Healing

The wound can be caused by something suddenly cut or burn, infection after surgery, and infection in insect bites. It’s used for the treatment of infection, wound, burns, cut, and skin infections such as ringworm.

The benefit to improve immunity boosting

Immunity boosting is play an important role in the human body, It can help to fight against the virus to protect from germs. The herbs can also help to provide greater virus resistance and improve your immune strength properties.

Should not use during pregnancy

Arborvitae leaves are some benefits for health but not beneficial it can harmful for pregnant women. The Arborvitae leaves herbs should never be used during pregnancy or when you breastfeeding.

The benefit to intake fresh air

Evergreen filter air particles and remove carbon dioxide from the air around a home. To grow oxygen in the process to improve air quality retains their leaves or needles all year round, they make oxygen all year.

Thuja Occidentalis (Arborvitae) be used with great caution and only under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional.


The Arborvitae is a genus of an evergreen tree. Because of their toxic substances, they are a real danger for animals and especially for Horses. People use them for hedges and decoration in functions. 

All species of trees are really dangerous for horses. The simple contact between the skin of the horse and these toxic parts of the tree can already cause irritations and itching. In this case, there is a high risk of acute poisoning. Symptoms are diarrhea spasms and loss of conscience. The toxic substances attack the liver and kidneys and cause long-termed damage to these organs. A dose of more than 500 grams can lead to death. Besides the horse also causes cows, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, and rodents are affected by the danger. 


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