Coleus plants height from 6 inches to 3.5 feets and grow 1 to 3 feets wide. This plant has been used since ancient time to treat heart disorder such as high blood pressure and chest pain as well as respiratory disorder such as asthma.
Coleus plants is mostly grown outside as an annual, it’s good for houseplant leaves provide many months enjoyment indoor if it growing in conditions. Coleus plant respond well to potted environment should take a very carefull not to over fertilize, pot coleus may lose their brilliant colour. Regular water keep the soil moist keep them out of the wind to avoid breakage.
Some modern coleus varieties handle full sun, but most still flourish with at least dappled shade and direct sun limited to morning hours. Consistent moisture is good  but root cause disease, coleus plant are shade plant and the hybrid are developed that will tolerate partial even full sun.

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Suddenly drop off coleus leaves can cause several things,normally not watering enough to the soil regularly result is dropoff. Cool draughts or cold temperature in general , moist soil is essential for a healthy coleus which will encourage the roots and stems to rot.

Coleus are cultivated as ornamental plants particularly coleus scutellarioides which is popular as garden plant for its brightly coloured fotiage. This plant prefer bright but indirect sunlight, if direct sunlight touches the plant leaves the colour become less brightly coloured. Outside this plant needs total shade or only the most mild morning sun light.


All the plants can survived in limited temperature like how the human being live in required temperature. Coleus plant can survive in the hot temperature up to 95 degree Celsius, and same they can survive in the cold temperature up to 36 degree Fahrenheit.coleus plant need to be taken indoor before overnight temperature.If you growing coleus plant in pot you could overwinter them as house plant by bringing the whole container inside for the winter.Coleus plant need to be taken indoor before overnight temperature dip below .
In a frost free area coleus normally live for several years the winter is mild enough to plant  coleus in the ground.

Coleus health benefit


Over fertilize will harm the coleus plant in pot may lose their brilliant color water regularly, keeping the soil moist keep them out of the wind to avoid breakage. Coleus will not survive a frost so either treat your plant as an annual or move it to inside when temperatures.


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