The scientific name of custard or sugar apple is Annona Squamosa. The sugar or custard apple consists of some 126 species with some species widely spread and cultivated for their edible fruits and often becoming naturalized beyond their native range of tropical American and Africa. The sugar apple scientific name is Annona could be derived from Latin ‘anon’ meaning ‘yearly produce’ referring to the fruit production habits of the various species in this genus. The species Annona squamosa is commonly known as ‘sugar apple’ or ‘sweetsop’ in English, but it is also sometimes known as ‘custard apple’. The sugar apple tree ranges from 10 to 25 feet (4-7m) in height in open crowded with irregular branches. Deciduous leaves alternately arranged in short and hairy petioles, or oblong, blunt, blunt-tipped. The leaves are 4 to 7 inches (7-14cm) long and 1 to 2.5 inches(3-6 cm) wide, dull green on the upper side of leaves, with a bloom below. Slightly hairy when young aromatic when crushed. The fragrant flowers are born singly or in a group of 4 to 5 opposite of the leaves, and never fully open. The drooping stalk and 3 fleshy outer petals yellow-green on the outside and pale yellow inside with a purple or dark red spot at the base.

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The compound fruit is nearly rounded its thick rind composed of the knobby segment, pale green, gray-green, bluish-green, deep pink externally. When the fruit is ripe and revealing the mass of conically segmented, creamy white glistening, delightfully fragrant, juicy, sweet, delicious flesh. many of the segments enclosed a single oblong cylindric black or dark brown seeds which are half an inches (1-2 cm) long. Sugar apple fruit is also called Sharifa. Its fruit is round. The inner part of the fruit is fleshy, or fleshly. Sugar apple seeds are smooth, shiny, brown-black in color. When Sugar apple is in a raw or ripe state, it is slightly yellow, and green in color. It is a delicious fruit like mango fruits, which people eat with great taste. Sugar apple is used to cure increase blood volume, to get relief from vomiting, toothache. Also, it is used in other diseases. It is unique among Annona fruit is being segmented and the segment tends to separate when ripe, exposing the interior. The fleshy is fragrant and sweet, creamy white through light, and resembles and tastes like custard.


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For plantation of sugar apple first, select the area with well-drained soil and full sunlight for 6 to 8 hours daily. If you growing the tree in your ground and outside the zone, better you can plant the sugar apple tree in a pot and place it indoors near the window where the sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. To plant, dig the hole large enough to accommodate the tree’s root ball, place your tree, and fill the soil then give water to settle the root. Sugar apple required more water and soil should be moist up to 2 inches below ground. If you are planting for indoor growth, select a container that about double the size of your plant shift into the container, use organic soil place your tree in the pot, Generally, you will water about once a week. But need to check your soil about 2 inches down, if the soil is dry then watering to your tree.

The sugar apple required a tropical climate. It does not succeed in California because of the cool weather and winter though in Israel it has survived several degrees below freezing. Generally, it needs the best dry area and it had high drought tolerance. During the blooming season, drought interferes with pollination and it, therefore, concluded that the sugar apple should have high atmospheric humidity but no rain when flowering. They germinate better a week after removal from the fruit than when perfectly fresh. seeds germination takes 30 days or more but can be hastened by soaking for 3 days or by scarifying. The percentage of germination is said to be better if it’s unsoaked seeds. While the tree is generally grown from the seeds. Side grafting can be done only from December to May.

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Seeding 5 years old may yield 50 fruits per tree in late summer and fall. The older tree rarely exceeds 100 fruits per tree unless hand pollinated. With age, the fruit becomes smaller and it is considered best to replace the tree after 10 to 20 years. The fruit will not ripen and before ripe turns, black and white, yellowish or red in tint appear between the rind segment the first signs of separation. If allowed to ripen on the tree the fruit falls apart.

A sugar apple is attacked by several pests that feed on its root, stem, leaves, and fruit. The moth borer Annonaepestis Bengalella is the most destructive pest in the Philippines, and the larvae eat and tunnel into the interior of the fruit. The surface of attacked fruits shows fraises which are held together by fine silk. The egg is laid singly in the suture and stems of fruits and rarely on leaves and hatch after 4-5 days.


We are now study of eating the sugar apple what is the benefit for health.

The benefit to stop Diarrhea

Sugar apple can be used to stop diarrhea. For this, make a decoction of the stem of the custard tree. Drink it in 15-30 ml. This prevents diarrhea.

Benefits for post Pregnant women

Soon after becoming a mother, women face a variety of problems. In such a situation, mothers should consume sugar apple. It’s more benefits. Women should take 1-2 gram powder of sugar apple root. It provides benefits in maternity-related problems.

Benefit for During Pregnancy

Sugar apple will help to develop the brain, nervous system, and boost your immunity system of a fetus effectively. Regular consumption of sugar apple reduces the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy and minimize the extent of labor pain during childbirth. The pregnancy wonder fruit also helps the expectant mother to cope with morning sickness, fight nausea, numbness, and mood swings. regular consumption during pregnancy is excellent for the production of breast milk. 

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Benefit for treatment of Lice

Men, or women, all face difficulties in daily work due to lice, people have to scratch their hair. Due to this, many times a person has to become bald. If you are also troubled by lice, you can use sugar apple fruit. Grind the seeds of sugar apple and apply it on the head. The lice (nit) die from it. while applying it to the head very careful care should be taken while using it, because if it gets in the eyes, then the eyes can get worse.

Benefits in Cough

Cough is a very simple problem for everyone. The use of sugar apple can be taken advantage of in phlegm. People who are troubled by colds, or phlegm should chew the stem of a sugar apple, It provides relief from colds and phlegm.

Benefit for Skin and Hairs

Sugar apple is a high level of vitamin A, is great for healthy skin and healthy hairs, and better eyesight. It plays a moisturization and anti-aging. The creamy flesh or pulp can be used as a balm to treat boils and ulcers. The outer skin of sugar apple helps combat tooth decay and gum pain

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Benefits for prolapses Anus

An anal fistula is the condition of the rectum. When a person suffers from constipation or the problem of dry stool, one has to exert a force during discharge. This brings out the stool as well as the soft part inside the anus. This is called rectal prolapse.

This disease is also referred to as anorexia or glaucoma from the anus. Although this disease can happen to anyone, it is seen more in children. This disease also causes swelling at the anus. The use of sugar apple can be very beneficial in these diseases. Make a decoction of the leaves of Sugar apple and apply it on the anus will get relief from the diseases.

Benefit for Diabetes

Millions of people worldwide suffer from diabetes. Due to this disease people are at risk of many serious diseases. Sugar apple for diabetes is considered very effective. The abundance of dietary fiber in sugar apple helps slow down the absorption of sugar level and reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. It also can prevent from consuming take 1-3 grams powder of sugar apple leaves its beneficial in diabetes.

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Benefits in Cholesterol

Cholesterol increasing the risk of a heart attack or stroke, eating saturated fat and microwave popcorn can raise cholesterol. The sugar apple has contained a high level of niacin fiber and dietary fiber which helps in lower cholesterol effectively.

Benefit in blood pressure

Common that can lead to high blood pressure include a diet high in salt, fat, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Especially if your parents or other close relatives have high blood pressure. This fruit has potassium and magnesium which helps keep the blood pressure level in control. A sugar apple in a day can control your sugar level.

Benefit in Asthma

Asthma can cause certain irritants, viral infection as an infant or in early childhood when the immune system is not fully mature can develop asthma. Sugar apple is very good in Vitamin B6 which will help to reduce bronchial inflammation, so it helps to prevent an asthma attack.

Benefits in Heart Attack

Coronary heart diseases are the leading cause of heart attack, stress is also a risk factor for heart attack. Sugar apple has vitamin B6 it will help to cure homocysteine collection which also minimizes the risk of a heart attack. The magnesium content in sugar apple helps defends the heart from cardiac attack and can help relax muscles.


English : Custard apple ; sugar apple ; 

Hindi – Sitaphal

Sanskrit : Krishnaphal, Janakifal, Anupya

Assamese : Katal

Oriya : Sithapolo ; Aato

Gujarati : Anuram ; Anuri ; Anusa

Telugu : Gandagaramu 

Kannada : Sithapala

Bengali : Sitaphal ; Aata

Tamil : Sitapalam ; Atta

Marathi : Sitaphal ; Aatichakki ; Sithapagham

Punjabi : Sharifa

Nepali : Saripha

Malayalam : Attichakka ; Sirpa


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