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The scientific name of the Amar bel plant is Cuscuta Reflexa. Cuscuta is a genus of over 201 species of the yellow-orange, parasitic plant also known as Amar bel in India. Formerly treated as the only genus in the family of Cuscutaceae, now it’s accepted as belonging to the morning glory family. It’s an unusual parasitic vine related to the morning glory family with inner twined stems, giving it a common name of devil’s hairs the plant is leafless and rootless. Amar bel (Cuscuta) is a creeper. You may have seen it wrapped in many trees. It often appears wrapped on acacia, plum, etc. trees. Amar bel is also found in the fields. Its stem is long and thin many thin and thin branches come out of the stem. The branches are very strong its vine and seeds are used as herbs. You can avoid diseases by using Amar bel also with Amar bel you can also cure diseases by using it.

The Amar bel is a parasitic plant (living on other living trees) and relies on other trees, this plant spreads on trees like plum, shawl, gooseberry, etc. like a rope. Out of this, fibers like fine thread come out and suck the juice of tree branches. As it’s born every year on the same tree, it is called Amar bel Plant. It spreads over trees, being only on the tree without being attached to the ground. This causes it to thrive, but the tree on which it resides slowly dries up and ends. The fruits of Amar bel are slightly yellowish-black in color and large. It is called Cassytha filiformis Linn in Latin. There is also some distinction between the two. Some believe that the Amar bel plant is which spreads only on the mango tree, is the sky bell that spreads on other trees.


In Ayurveda, the Amar bel plant increases semen, corrects for digestion, and is beneficial in eye diseases. Keeps the heart healthy and also cures disorders caused by bile, phlegm disorder, and poor digestion. Along with this, there are other advantages of Amar bel let us all know about the benefits.

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Benefit for Hair Loss

The most common causes of hair loss are Hereditary, stress, hairstyle treatment, etc, The best way to reduce your hair loss is home remedies. Need to cook Amar bel in sesame oil or rosewood oil. Applying this on the head makes hair roots stronger and provides a benefit in baldness.

A benefit to provide Stamina

It believed to have the ability to provide protection to human sperm. Its androgen provides protection for male reproduction organs and can speed up to develop the formation of testicles. It is also beneficial for damaging sperm cells.

Benefit for Eye Diseases

Eye disease can be caused by degeneration of the cells of the macula lutea and result in blurred vision and causes blindness. Take 15-25 ml Amar bel and add the sugar and make the juice, and applying it on the eyes provides relief from eye problems and irritation of the eyes.

Benefit for Strong Bone 

According to the research strong bone can be made with calcium and minerals this combination makes bone strong and flexible enough to hold up under stress. Amar bel seeds help to increase the calcium and mineral or may help to repair cartilage

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Benefit for Stomach problems

The stomach is an important organ in the body, it plays a vital role in the digestion of foods. The disease is caused by a bacterial, parasitic, viral infection of the gastrointestinal tract. Take the Amar bel and boiled it and then grind it and apply it to the stomach, it cures the stomach diseases. Also prepare the syrup by boiling on a low frame, mixing with half a liter of sky bel and on a kilogram of sugar candy for sweetness. Drink 2 ml in the morning and evening with water it will help to cure stomachache.

Benefit for Cancer

Cancer diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and can also spread to another part of the body through the blood. Home remedies of Amar bel are beneficial in preventing cancer because according to the research its have anti-cancer properties. It helps in preventing the symptoms of cancer due to its chemical properties.

Benefit for Arthritis

Take the Amar bel and grind it or also make a decoction with ginger and apply it in lukewarm condition, it provides relief from joint pain and the swelling problem like arthritis. This decoction will help to cure arthritis should also be used for bathing.

Benefits for Liver

Liver disease symptoms are Abdominal pain and swelling, itchy skin, dark urine color, pale stool color, chronic fatigue, and vomiting. Taking 5-10 ml juice of Amar bel is beneficial in fever, liver disorders, and constipation. Fatty liver is cured by drinking 10-20 ml decoction of Amar bel or by applying its paste on the stomach. Amar bel is used to increasing urination and also to treat kidney diseases.

benefit for wound healing

Benefits to treat wound Healing

Wound healing is blood clotting that may be considered to be part of the inflammation stage instead of a separate stage. Grind 3-5 grams powder or fresh Amar bel and mix with dry ginger and ghee, apply it on an old wound. Make a decoction of Amar bel and wash the wound with it, It will cure the wound and skin inflammation.

Benefit for Diabetes

Diabetes can be caused by blood glucose and blood sugar are high. As per the research found Amar bel has an anti-diabetes property. It can help in controlling it, intake leads to a decrease in blood glucose levels. Apart from this, it helps to balance the amount of body and increase the amount of glycogen. In this way, it is very beneficial for patients and diabetes.

Benefits to improve from Weakness

Take the 10 grams of fresh Amar bel and mash it and tie the bundle in a clean fine cloth. Put it in half a liter of cow’s milk and cook it on a low flame. When one-fourth of its milk burns, drink it after milk is drinkable or mixing it with sugar. It will help to improve body weakness.

Benefit for Immunity Boosting

Nowadays immunity-boosting plays a very important role for our body, to fight against various diseases. The weakening of the immune system reduces the power to fight against diseases and we can fall prey to various diseases. Amar bel contains antioxidants that can help strengthen our immune system.

Benefit for Piles

Piles cause swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus that cause discomfort and bleeding. Mix 3 grams of chili powder in 10 ml juice of Amar bel. Take this mixture on an empty stomach in the morning. This can cure piles completely.


Amar bel fruit Benefit for Immunity Boosting by plantsbhh

Amar bel is a rootless and leafless tree so it is not required for soil preparation and water regularly. The plant is a total stem parasite on many hedge plants, its weeks stems coils around the stem of host plants and spread fast. The small stem will do send the small haustoria into the stem of the host. These haustoria make a connection with the xylem and phloem of the host to draw both water and food. So they will get the food from another plant.

The stems twine around the host plant like a tendril so that it clap the support tightly. On the surface of the tight coils in contract with the living host epidermal adhesive disc attached papillae which grow between the cells of the host, are formed in response to contact stimulus. The papillae also function as absorbing organs, the sucker sent down into host tissue which is dissolved away the secretary enzymes. The vascular tissue formed and connect up with the wood and baste, after the connection is made with the host growth of the paradise is vigorous.

benefit for health Amar bel by plantsbhh

Amar bel flower occurs in the white and greenish-yellow cluster, each flower is capable of producing up to four seeds Amar bel flowers and produce seeds like any other flowering plant, seeds can remain dormant in the soils for a year before germinating. Under the right condition, Amar bel seed will germinate, sending up a tendril that attached to a suitable host plant. If its seed didn’t get any host plant, the plant will die within a few days. So Amar bel plant itself attached with host plant vascular system with peg-like haustoria. Once attached to the root system of the Amar bel plant shrivel and the plant feeds off the host plant. Amar bel contains no green tissues because it does not feed to photosynthesize and produce its own food. However, if the host plant is killed, the Amar bel plant will also die.

Amar bel is favorable by high temperature and full sunlight. Amar bel seeds can remain viable in the soil for 20 years. Amar bel is a true vegetal vampire. With its fine stems, it sticks to its victims, then literally sucks the sap until killing the host. Amar bel can grow and attach itself to multiple plants. In tropical areas, it can grow more or less continuously and may reach high into the canopy of shrubs and trees. In temperature regions, it is an annual plant and is restricted to a relatively low vegetable that can be reached by new seeding each spring.

Many health problems cure by Amar bel by


Amar bel has no toxic effect when taken in normal quantity. But when taken in a higher quantity of Amar bel, it can cause nausea, convulsion, and vomiting.


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