Durva grass

Durva grass’s scientific name is Cynodon Dactylon. The blades are a gray-green color and are short, the stems are slightly flattened often tinged purple in color. Seeing the green velvety natural beauty of Durva grass, the heart is filled with divine joy, while there are many benefits of walking barefoot on it. This not only enhances the light of the eyes, but many diseases of the body also become calm. Throughout the year, a lot of flowers thrive. Its leaves are compressed, 2–10 cm long, 1.2–3 mm wide, with a strong covering, soft, linear, lanceolate, frontal like a needle. Its flowers are green, purple. Its fruits are in the form of small grains. The grains are 1 mm long, large and the seeds are small, rectangular brown. They mostly thrive from July to January. The seed heads are produced in a cluster of two to six spikes together at the top of the stem.

It has a deep-rooted system in a drought situation with penetrating the soil, the root system can grow to over 2m deep, though most of the root mass. The grass creeps along the ground with its stolon and root wherever a node touches the ground, forming a dense mat.


Prepare the ground through digging (45-60 cm), remove stones, weeds, and other debris. Add good quality cow manure to the ground and mix it with soil. Make a 15 cm surface layer of fine soil and level the land property, get the doob grass seeds from a reliable source. Growth begins at a temperature above 15-degree Celcius with optimum growth between 24 and 37. In winter the grass becomes dormant and turns brown. Growth is promoted by full sun.

Durva grass  apply it on the skull to relieve headache by plantsbhh

The most under-appreciated reason grass is not growing well in compacted soil. Because plant’s roots need to breathe and they can’t do that in compacted soil. River sand is popular for land space guys to use because it’s normally cheaper than masonry sand and enhance profitability. Nitrogen is one of the best fertilizer ingredients to green up your durva grass quickly.


According to Ayurveda, due to the medicinal properties of Durva, they are used as a treatment for many diseases. Durva proves to be very beneficial for diseases like headache, eye pain, hemorrhage, vomiting.

Benefits in Headache

If you are suffering from headaches due to work stress and run-of-the-mill life, then the home remedy proves to be very beneficial. Grind an equal quantity of durva grass and lime in water and apply it to the skull to relieve headaches.

Benefits for Nose Bleeding

Some people have nose bleeding due to cold also irritate the lining of the nose. Bleeding may happen after repeated nose blowing. However frequently heavy nose bleeding may indicate more serious health problems. Some people also have nosebleed problems due to extreme heat or cold. Domestic remedy made of durva is useful in reducing bleeding from the nose.

The benefit to improve the immune system

Nowadays immunity is more important to our health to fight against diseases. The antiviral and anti-microbial activity of durva grass aids in enhancing the immunity health and fight against various diseases.

The benefit to curing Skin Problems

Durva grass has antiseptic and anti-inflammation that helps to use in the treatment of various skin problems like itching, eczema, and rashes. Make a paste of durva grass and mix with turmeric powder or aloe vera gel and apply it on the skin, it will help to cure the skin diseases.

Benefit in Eye Diseases

Nowadays, after working on the computer for long hours or using the phone for a long time, pain starts in the eyes, it is very useful to get relief from this. Just grind the durva grass and put them on the eyelids, the pain of the eyes reduces and the eye stool stops.

Durva increases blood production through red blood cells plantsbhh

Benefits for Anemia

Durva grass helps in maintaining the alkalinity of blood to purify blood naturally. It increases blood production through red blood cells which in turn increases the level of hemoglobin in the body and prevents anemia.

Benefit for Kidney Stone

When your urine contains a more crystal-forming substance such as calcium, oxalate, and uric acid. Usually, the pain associated with a kidney stone or spasm is triggered by a stone stuck in the ureter. Consumption of durva grass helps in naturally removing stones. Grind the durva in 30 ml of water and mix sugar candy and drink it in the morning and evening to remove the kidney stone.

The benefit to improve Digestion

Durva grass acts as a natural detoxifier eliminating toxins from the body and also reduce acidity. Durva grass can lower the risk of stomach ailment by improving digestion and bowel movement and curing constipation.

wound healing with durva grass by plantsbhh

The benefit of treating Wound Healing

After cutting or injury in your body and if the blood is not stopping, then the paste of durva can be beneficial for your blood bleeding. The property of stopping blood flow is found in durva, due to which blood flow starts to decrease as soon as you apply it on the injury.

Benefit for Pet Animals

Medically proved that it gives immense importance to Ayurveda. Durva grass is not only beneficial for human health it also benefits animals (pet animals) get relief whenever they feel Sikh.


In Hindus, the Vedic culture Rakhi festival with this method sister put the durva grass in his brother’s head to give him immerse energy. It’s said that this virtue of durva grass is successful in increasing the purity of the mind rapidly.

According to Hindu belief, while tulsi is sacred to Lord Krishna and durva is sacred to Lord Ganesha. According to mythology, once while fighting a Ganesha with a demon, Ganesha ended up and swallowing him. When all else failed to provide relief, a group of sages offered 21 blades of the durva grass, this gave him a strong burning sensation in his stomach. Durva grass is a three-blade plant known to attract the immerse energy of Ganapathi. Then Lord Ganesha said that whoever worships him with 21 durva grass will receive his blessing forever.


Hindi : Hari Doob ; Doob

English : Durva Grass ; Devils grass

Bengali : Durba

Telugu : Dulu

Tamil : Aruvampillu

Punjabi : Dubra

Marathi : Hariyaly


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