The scientific name of Elephant apple is Dillenia Indica. Elephant apple is a large shrub or small to medium size tree growing to 15 m in height. Leaves are 15-36 cm long, it’s branches are used to make good firewood. The flowers are large 15-20 cm in diameter, with five white petals and numerous yellow stamen. It’s characteristics round fruit are large, greenish-yellow, have many seeds, and are edible. The fruit is a 5-12cm diameter aggregate of 15 carpets, each carpel containing five seeds embedded in an edible fibrous pulp.

This plant is found all over India on the banks of river drains and wet forests up to an altitude of 1200 m. Some scholars consider Kamarkha to be a grand fruit, but Kamarkha and grand fruit are completely different among themselves, its description is found in the sutra place of Charaka and Sushruta-Samhita. Elephant apple fruit may be a common fruit tree in the parks of the salt lake, but in the wild, it is a favorite snack of an elephant. In fact, that’s why it is known in English as elephant apple. The tree that grows rampantly in Bengal, Bihar, and Assam was scientifically named Dillenia Indica.

In addition to the above-mentioned grand fruit, the following species if it’s used for medicine. In many states of India, especially in the Terai regions of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, this plant is worshiped as the form of Lakshmi on the day of Diwali and its wood is also made for worshiping. In the context of this tree, it is said that by making a bed of its wood, sleeping helps to suppress the afflictions of the body.


Elephant apples can also have lots of benefits for our health lets see what is beneficial and their uses.

Elephant apple flower by plantsbhh.in

Benefit for Headache

A common problem for every person is headaches and the solution is also very common. Grind the flowers of Elephant apple and apply it to the forehead, you will get relief from the headache.

A benefit of treating Cough

Cough also a common and virus disease that should not have more than two months and transfer from one person to another person. Using 5-10 ml of elephant apple syrup mixed with sugar for taste it will reduce and get relief from cough.  

Benefit for Diarrhea

Diarrhea can happen to everyone from children to adults. Make a decoction of the leaves with water, by having this it will reduce to cure of diarrhea. 

Benefits for Convulsion

A common cause in children is febrile seizures and other possibilities include stroke due to lack of oxygen to the brain. Consuming 10-15 milliliters of elephant apple fruit mixed with sugar is beneficial in convulsions. 

Benefits for Immunity & Stamina

Those who have a weakened immune system cause stress, cold, wound will heal slowly, and infection. Boost vitality and vigor, loaded with calories, vitamin B protein, and healthy fat, elephant apples ensure high energy levels to maintain a good metabolism, elevated brain operations, as well as enhanced stamina for physical and sexual activity.

Benefit for Digestive and Constipation

Constipation is not a disease it can cause by many factors like poor diet, syndrome, pregnancy, etc. Drinking elephant apple juice has many benefit for the stomach and digestive system.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women are advised to stay away from this fruit. It can induce early labor which is not good for both the mother and the baby.

Benefit for Mental fitness

Lack of work pressure or mental pressure is very harmful to an internal problem. Elephant apple fruit is highly regarded as having supreme potential and mental fitness also do regular physical exercise for more healthy.

Benefit for Kidney Disease

The two main causes of kidney diseases are diabetes and high blood pressure, symptoms of kidney failure decreased urine output, swelling leg, short breath, and weakness. In addition to combating many Calment such as hypertension, kidney diseases, and anxiety. Elephant apple is very helpful in kidney diseases.

Benefit for Heart & Blood Pressure

After becoming old the heart and blood pressure will become out of control. Eating a small portion of elephant apple fruit with meals vastly lowers high blood pressure, regulate heartbeat, and serving as a potent cardiotonic.

Benefit for Skin Ageing

As we grow older this happens to all as it naturally occurs. The skin begins tumors or skin with age cause skin to hang loosely. Drinking a glass of fresh elephant apple fruit juice immensely enriches skin texture, aging to give a youthful appearance.

Use in Curries

Fruit can be eaten raw or cooked which has a sour taste and used in Dal and fish curry preparation.

Benefits to remove Dandruff

Men and women are facing the problem of dandruff and baldness. Just use of these home remedies will help to reduce the hair problem. The fruit pulp is used for hair wash the leaf juice is applied to the scalp to treat dandruff and falling hairs to prevent baldness.

Dried Leave uses

The dried leaves are used to polish ivory. The wood ash is added to clay bricks to increase fire resistance.


elephant apple tree health benefit by plantsbhh.in

Jiffy uses 7 peat pellets to sow seeds. For this, soak the seed in water overnight, and place it in a plastic vessel. Sow seeds on peat pellet and cover with a thin layer of peat. Add light water later. After applying it to the pot, cover it with a plastic sheet. Keep checking the moisture in the seeds. Keep it in a light room, window, or greenhouse, where the daytime temperature is 75 to 82 degrees F. The resulting microclimate is important for ideal conditions of germination.

Choose a place where there is full sun or light Shadow, moist dirt, loam, and sandy soil are best suited for those with average drainage. This tree performs well with heat and high humidity. It is sensitive to cold but should save it from frost area, this plant requires temperature is around 30 to 40 degree Celsius, the plant is most developed those places, it can tolerate 7-47 degree Celsius this plant requires average watering.


Hindi – chalta

Assamese – Chalita

Odisha – chalota

Kannada – kanigala

Gujarati – karambal

Telugu – pedda kalinga

Tamil – ramphal

Bengali – chalta

Marathi – karmbel


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