Gaillardia pulchella is a north American species of short lived pernnial or annual flowering plant in sunflower family. Indian blanket (common name) or Gaillardia Pulchella(scientific name) is a flat, multipetaled round flower. Pinwheel are 4-6 cm in diameter, vividly coloured with red, orange , yellow and is surrounded by 10 to 20 ligulate with three lobes. In one variety, almost the entire flower is in red, with only the barest tips of the petals touched with yellow colour.
Indian blanket is an easy to grow plant and tolerates a variety of soils and conditions, but grows best in a well drained and light soil.


Gaillardia Pulchella Indian blanket health benefits

Indian blanket plants is a hardy plant, not picky about soil though sandy and we’ll drained are best. It has a high drought tolerance and does best with a dry, hot climate in full sun. Indian blanket flowers are grown in the month of July to September from wild flower seeds. They can be directly seeded into your wild flower garden. Indian blanket plants seeds early in the season and cover lightly with 1/8 inch of fine garden or potting soil. It can grow without watering unless there are extremely hot and dry conditions best to water once or twice in a week avoiding overwatering. Start seeds early indoor 4-5 weeks before the last spring frost, transplanting to the garden when the weather has warmed. They need warm soil to germinate , so make sure that outdoor temperature is between 60 to 65 Fahrenheit before sowing into the garden.


This plant used as a diuretic , taken to give relief from painful urination. An infusion of the leaves is taken internally and a poultice* applied externally in the treatment of gout*.

Poultice : A poultice also called cataplasm, a soft moist mass of meterial applied to the body to relieve soreness and inflammation and kept in place with a cloth.
Gout : A disease in which defective metabolism of uric acid causes arthritis, especially in the smaller bone of the feet, deposition of chalk-stone and episode of acute pain.


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