The scientific name of the Giloy is Tinospora Cordifolia, which is an Ayurvedic herb that has been used and advocated in Indian medicine for ages. In Sanskrit, giloy is known as “Amrita“, which literally translates to the root of immortality because of its abundant medicinal properties. Giloy amrita is a larger creeper like Amrita Valli. Its stem looks like a rope. Its soft and branches originated from the roots, it has branches of yellow and green flowers. Its leaves are soft and betel shaped and fruits like peas.

The plant’s powerful Rasayana is mentioned in Indian Ayurvedic literature. It’s considered a bitter tonic and powerful immune modulators. Giloy act as memory boosters, develop intelligence, and promote mental clarity. It is described as one of the Madhya Rasayana in the chalk Samhita. It has long been used in India as medicine and preparation of starch known as golpe-ka-sat. A lot of beneficial things have been told in Ayurvedic texts about Giloy. In Ayurveda, it has been considered as a chemical that is good for health. Giloy leaves are astringent, bitter, and pungent in taste, Vata bile and phlegm can be cured by using giloy. It’s easy to digest, increase appetite, and is also beneficial for the eyes. Giloy is the drug of choice amongst all the remedies in treating gout(cataract). The decoction of giloy and sushi is a very effective combination for the treatment of gout and rheumatic disorder. The juice of giloy is helpful for gout it is taken for a period of two to three months. Also purified shilajit with the juice of giloy is helpful for gout if taken twice daily.

All you need to take a few branches of the giloy stem and wash it properly. Now scrape off the outer skin of the giloy stem using a knife until a fresher and greener part comes to the surface. Now chop a blender, add one cup of water with it and grind. Now sieve this blend out in a glass and giloy juice ready to drink.


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Benefit for eyes diseases

The medicinal properties of Giloy help a lot in relieving eye diseases. For this, mix 1-1 gram honey and rock salt in 10 ml Giloy juice and grind it very well in Kharl. Apply it in the eyes like mascara. It cures dark sores, pricks, and black and white cataract diseases.

Make a decoction by mixing Triphala in Giloy juice. Mixing one gram of pippali powder and honey in 10-20 ml decoction and taking it in the morning and evening helps boost vision clarity.

Benefit for Ears

An ear infection can be caused by allergies colds, Sinus infection, smoking, and harmful bacteria. Grind the stem of Giloy in water and make it lukewarm. Putting 2-2 drops in the ear twice a day removes the mud and dust of the ear.

Treatment of TB diseases

The medicinal properties of Giloy help in relieving the problems of TB disease, but to make them as medicines, it is necessary to make a decoction with all these things. Make a decoction by taking Ashwagandha, Giloy, Shatavari, Dashmool, Balamool, Adusa, Pohakarmool, and Attis in equal portions. Taking 20-30 ml decoction in the morning and evening benefit from tuberculosis (TB disease).

Benefit from Vomiting

If vomiting occurs due to acidity or fever, add 4-6 grams of sugar in 10 ml Giloy juice. Drinking the juice of Giloy in the morning and evening will stop vomiting.

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Boost Immunity

Giloy is a universal herb that helps “boost immunity “. It is also a powerhouse of antioxidants which fight free radical, keep your cells healthy, and get rid diseases. Giloy helps remove toxins, purifies blood, fights bacteria that cause diseases, and also combats liver diseases and urinary tract infections.

Benefit for Constipation

Due to the medicinal properties of Giloy, taking jaggery with 10-20 ml of juice gives him to benefit in constipation. Make a decoction by boiling dry ginger, motha, atis, and giloy in equal parts. Drinking 20-30 ml of this decoction in the morning and evening provides relief from indigestion and constipation.

Benefits for Cure Piles

Cook all items in an equal quantity (20 grams) of myrobalan chebullilc, gilloy, and coriander and cook it in 500 ml of water. Boiled up to 250ml of water is left to make a decoction. Pouring jaggery in this decoction and drink it in the morning and evening cures piles.

Benefit for the Liver disorder

Take 18 grams fresh Giloy, 2 grams of parsley, 2 pieces of small peepal, and 2 pieces of neem stem. Crush all these and keep them in an earthen pot with 250 ml of water at night. Grind in the morning, sieve, and drink. Drink it for 15 to 30 days cures the problems of liver and stomach and indigestion.

Benefit for Diabetes and Sugar patient

Take 1 or 2 inches of giloy stems add to the herbal tea and drink it two times in the morning and evening. Mixing two teaspoons of honey in 10-20 ml juice of Giloy and drink two or three times a day is also beneficial in diabetes and control sugar level.

Cure joint pains and Arthritis

Consuming 5-10 ml juice of Giloy or 3-6 gram powder or 10-20 gram paste or 20-30 ml decoction daily for some time gives the benefits of completely and in extreme arthritis Benefit. Joint pain is also cured by taking it with dry ginger.

Benefit for Fever

Giloy can help get rid of recurrent fevers. Since giloy is anti-pyretic in nature. It can reduce signs and symbols of several life-threatening conditions like Dengue, Swine flu, and malaria as well. Crush 40 grams of Giloy and keep it in an earthen pot. Mix 250 ml of water and keep it covered overnight. Use it in the morning by mashing. Chronic fever is cured by drinking 20 ml thrice a day.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Giloy can be used as an apoptogenic herb as well, it helps reduce mental stress as well as anxiety. Its help gets rid of toxins, boosts the memory, calms you down, and makes for an excellent health tonic if combined with other herbs.

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Benefit for Healthy Heart

Giloy is also very helpful for taking with black pepper with lukewarm water cures chest pain. This experiment should be done regularly for at least seven days.

Beneficial in Cancer

Take Giloy about two feet long and one finger thick, green leaves of 10 grams of wheat. Add a  250 ml of water and grind it. Squeeze it with a cloth and take 1 cup with empty stomach. Consuming this juice with can treat on cancer.

Relief from Cough

Make a juice of giloy and mix with two tea spoon of honey and drink. It will help to relief from cough.


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It grows will in almost all types of soils under varying climate conditions up to altitude of 320 m. The plants is cultivated in the month of May – July it can be cultivated by cutting stem. They need some support and mostly preferably neem and mango trees. It established itself as a gaint climber in a couple of years. If seeds soaked in cold water for 24 hours it will germinate fast. If seeds treated are in polybag during May – July germination takes places in 12-20 days with 90 percent success. In case of fresh seeds without any pre-soaking, only 30-40 percent of germination is obtained.

The necessary duration for these plant is up to one and half months, the plant should be grown without any chemical and fertilizer  and use of pesticides organic manures like farm yard manure, green manure may be used as per required of the species. When leaves begins to fall in the August – September, the stems should be cut 30 cm above the ground and collected pale green colour stems are cut into small pieces. The stem are collected in the hot season dried under shade. 

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The plants grows in subtropical and tropical climate light medium sandy loam soil rich in organic matters and with adequate drainage is suitable for its cultivation. It does not tolerate high rainfall or water logged condition. The stems are cutting sown directly in the field. Cuttings are obtained from older stems with nodes. Cutting stems should be sown with in 24 hours of their  removal from the mother plant, before sown the stem they should be half dipped in water vertically.

The land is loosening or turning the soil before sowing. The stem cutting  with nodes are sown directly into the field, an optimum spacing of 3m x 3m is recommended for better yield. This plant required support to grow which can be provided by raising wooden stakes or trees. The stem harvested during autumn when its develops to a diameter of more than 2.5 cm. The stem should be cut into small pieces and dried in shade, it can be stored in gunny bag and kept in cool and air storage.


Giloy has different names in different languages in India.

Hindi – Giloy ; Amruta

English – Indian tinospora ; heart leaved tinospora

Bengali – Giloe ; Gulancha

Sanskrit – Guduchi ; Madhuparni ; Amritapalli

Oriya – Gulancha

Kannada – Yuganivalli

Gujarati – Gulvel 

Goa – Amrrytbel

Tamil – Amridavalli ; shindilkodi

Telugu – Tippatige

Nepali – Gurjio

Punjabi – Gilogularich

Marathi – Gulavel

Malayalam – Amrita ; peyamrytam


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