The scientific name of the Indian Persimmon is Diospyros Melanoxylon. Tendu is a type of fruit that is sweeter than Chiku and has a wealth of Ayurvedic properties. Tendu fruits are light yellow. Tendu trees are intermediate in size. Beedi is made from its leaves. Its wood is smooth and black in color. It is used to make furniture. It is an 8–15 m tall, medium-sized, densely branch-edematous tree. Its branches are glabrous and the bark of the stem is dark brown or red, lightly grooved. Its leaves are simple, alternating, 13.7–24 cm long and 5 cm wide, dull or nearly long, smooth and shiny. Its flowers are unisexual, small, white-yellow in color, fragrant bunches. 

Its fruits are generally single, 2.5–5 cm in diameter (elliptical), elliptic-pointed, semicircular, very spherical juice predominant, light brown in a raw state, and yellow in the pucca state. Inside its fruits, there is a sweet and smooth pulp, which is eaten like chiku. The seeds are 4–8 in number, rounded or elliptical, and luminous. They flourished during the months of March-June. Tendu is slightly bitter in taste and is acidic, hot, and dry by nature. Tendu eliminates cough, is constipating, scrapping, Styptic, inducing food, is beneficial in ulcers. It is useful for curing dysmenorrhea or diabetes, ulcers, blood disorders, blood bile (bleeding from nose and ears), burning or burning sensation, obesity (obesity), vaginitis (vaginitis), and cholecystitis.

Effective home remedies for thickening ripe tendu fruit is sweet, slightly digestible, late digestion increases phlegm, reduces pitta, and is beneficial in pimples ie gonorrhea. Its wood essence is beneficial in biliary diseases. Its raw fruits are balsamic, slightly bitter, small, stool resistant, cold, dry, constipation relieving, aphrodisiac and detrimental. Tendu fruit and skin Styptic, prevent diarrhea, fever remedy, antibacterial, beneficial in oral and throat diseases and helps in quick drying of wounds. Perhaps you are wondering how this small fruit is used for the treatment of diseases.


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Benefit for Eye Diseases

In the human being, life eyes play a crucially important part of life. Eye diseases are caused by eye pain, night blindness, eye redness, etc. With the help of home remedies made from persimmon are very useful in all these problems. Applying persimmon (Tendu) fruit juice on the eye like kajal is beneficial in eye diseases.

Benefits for ear pain

Earache is the cause of ear infection it may be watery or pus-like fluid coming out of the ear. If ear pain may also occur as a side effect of a cold-cough or some disease, it can be treating from tendu will provide relief from earache. Mixing 1-2 grams of honey and Kapitha juice in the powder of tendu, Haritaki, Lodhra, Manjistha, and Amla, and filtering 1-2 drops in the ear provides relief in ear pain.

Benefit for Mouth Ulcer

A mouth ulcer is painful sores on the inner lips, gums, tongue, roof of the mouth. If persistent mouth ulcers occur, home remedies for persimmon(tendu) will be very beneficial. Mouth blisters and throat sores also heal quickly by gargling with the juice of tendu fruit. Apart from this, gargling with the decoction of tendu fruits can remove the mouth ulcers.

Benefit from Cough

Coughing is common for every person but not more than 2-3 months. If you are troubled by coughing due to a change of weather and not getting relief from cough for a very long time. Tendu will help you from coughing and can be relieved by sucking chestnut bark pills.

Benefit from Urinary Stone

A bladder stone was developed when the mineral in concentrated urine crystallize and form a stone. The medicinal properties of persimmon (tendu) are beneficial in removing stones from the urinary tract. Eating ripe fruit of persimmon (tendu) breaks urethral stones.

Diarrhea by plantsbhh

Benefit from Diarrhea

The case of diarrhea can be caused by eating too much spicy food, packaged food, or eating outside food. With the help of tendu, the household remedy will be very useful. Drinking 10-20 ml tendu bark decoction is beneficial in dysentery (diarrhea), and malaria fever.

Benefit for women white discharge from the vagina

Women often have a white watery discharge from the vagina. Weakness also occurs when white water secretion is excessive. The use of Tendu is beneficial in getting relief from this. Washing the vagina with water mixed with tendu fruit provides relief in white leucorrhoea (white water) or vaginal discharge is reduced by brewing the vagina by making a decoction of tendu fruit.

Benefit for Paralysis

The medicinal properties of persimmon are very useful in relieving paralysis. If the tongue is not moving due to paralysis and the speaking power has become unclear. Drinking a decoction of the root and drinking 1-2 grams of bark powder and mixing 1 gram of powder is beneficial and improves paralysis.

A benefit to increase face glow

Nowadays the face has started losing its glow due to pollution, stress, or become aged. But the use of persimmon (tendu) gives a different glow to your face. Just need to applying tendu fruit on the face skin and it will increase the glow in your face.

Benefit from Hiccups

Hiccups can come once while eating food or while talking not regular or continuous. If it’s regular comes hiccups of children or adults will be stopped by having honey and ghee in a paste of 1-3 grams of flowers and fruits of berries and tendu. It stops hiccups and also boosting your immunity.


Tendu fruits A benefit to increase face glow by

Persimmon (tendu) thrives well on a wide variety of soil. However they are best grown in heavy clay soil them most other fruit trees, they grow and produce best in deep fertile medium textures, well-drained soil. These trees grow very well in the soil where pH ranges from 6 to 8 persimmon (tendu) trees do not grow well with excessive salinity and boron in the soil. Commercial permission growers should do the soil test for finding suitability.

Seedling of all tendu rootstocks must be chip- budded either at the beginning of August month or at the beginning of April month. The best result is obtained with chip budding completed in April. The land should be thoroughly prepared before planting the persimmon (tendu) in the field. Tendu should be planted at the spacing of 4 meters X 4 meters to 6 meters X 6 meters, this spacing depends on the variety. Tendu trees begin fruiting after 5 years of planting under good soil and sunny region.

The tendu trees required watering every 20 days on light soils and every 30 days on heavy soil. Avoid water stress especially during flowering and fruit set. Avoid waterlogging conditions as these trees cannot tolerate and this may cause root rot and finally, trees may die.


Tendu in Sanskrit- Tinduk

Hindi- Tendu








Malayalam- Panachi

English- Indian persimmon


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