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Indian Sorrel is a creeping leafy green that is a delicate, herbaceous, and low-growing plant about the heights of 30 cm. The scientific name of the Indian sorrel is Oxalis Corniculata. The plant usually growing in gardens, Lawns, green land, agricultural field. The plants have smooth palmately compound leaves that are divided into three heart-shaped leaflets. The plants have a unique characteristic feature in that it fold-up the leaves at night during stress and open-up in the early morning.

The flowers are yellow in colour and the fruit is cylindrical in shape and green in colour. Seed and underground bulbils are propagating materials. On ripening, the capsules burst and open to spreading the seeds everywhere in the garden to raise the more creeping sorrels plant. The sharp sour flavour of the leaves due to the presence of having oxalic acid. It has also therapeutic for the reason of its nutrient phytochemicals along with food value consistency. The leaves contain flavonoid, isovitexin and vitexin -2″-o-beta and D-glucopyranose. Indian sorrel grew in a moist climate and belonging to the family of Oxalidaceae. Dry or moist soil is suitable for cultivation. Changeri occurs in all the warm regions of India and in the Himalayas up to an altitude of 2000 m. Plants considered a weed in different parts of the world, yet to use in alternative medicines and are extensively used for treating various diseases and health treatment.

Indian sorrel is more popular called ‘changeri’ (Sanskrit). Very few people will be known as Changeri, but if we say that our grandmother is used to feed Changeri or Tinpatia for stomach-related problems, then perhaps you will miss something. Sorrel leaves are very small but are very beneficial and nutritious from the point of view of medicine. It has an abundance of vitamin B1, calcium, and iron. can help finds a cure for a number of diseases. It has two species – 1. Small sorrel, 2. Large sorrel. But mainly small sorrel is used in medicine.


Its flavor is warm, the small sorrel being slightly bitter and astringent in taste and taste. It helps to relieve cough, inflammation, bile enhancer, analgesic, writing or scratching, alcohol withdrawal, increases food habits, Stomachic, helps liver function properly and helps the heart to function properly. It is healthy (heart, hemorrhage, inflammation, and fever). It’s a good source of Vitamin C.


It is cold, diuretic and anticonvulsant.


The healthy and medicinal properties of Indian Sorrel are countless, but for which diseases and how it works, we know in more detail about it.

Benefits of Indian sorrel in Stomachache

In today’s fast life, unbalanced eating and drinking have become an everyday problem. The first effect of this lifestyle is on the stomach. Home treatment of Indian sorrel is very beneficial for stomach problems. Mixing 60 mg toasted asafetida in a decoction of 20-40 ml Indian sorrel leaves and drinking it in the morning and evening provides relief from stomachache.

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Benefits of Indian sorrel to fight against Diarrhea

If you have diarrhea due to eating spicy food, packaged food, or eating outside food, the home remedy of Indian sorrel is very useful. According to Ayurveda, Indian sorrel has the properties of receptors, which is very beneficial in relieving diarrhea or dysentery. Drinking 2-5 ml Indian sorrel juice twice a day provides relief in diarrhea.

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Benefits of Indian sorrel to cure Bleeding Piles

People who like to eat more spicy and strong food are most at risk of constipation, hemorrhoids, and Piles. Our Experts say that Indian sorrel has fire enhancing properties i.e. it increases digestive fire which improves the digestion system. Take 10 grams of Indian sorrel leaves along with the stems, dry them and grind them to make powder. Add into the buttermilk and drink it twice a day to get relief from the bleeding of piles and also menorrhagia.

Benefits of Indian sorrel to down Fever Temperature by

Benefits of Indian sorrel to down Fever Temperature

A common and viral infection that can be deadly if it’s in high temperature for 3-5 days. Common fever raises the temperature of your body. Extract from its Indian sorrel leaves helps in bringing down the normal temperature.

Benefits of Indian sorrel to get relief from Cholera by

Benefits of Indian sorrel to get relief from Cholera

Cholera is an infectious disease and there is a danger of decreasing the amount of water in the body. Cholera is prevented by taking Indian sorrel in this way. Mixing 500 mg black pepper powder in 5-10 ml Indian sorrel juice and drink it provides to get relief in cholera.

Benefits of Indian sorrel for Digestion

If you are suffering from the problem of indigestion due to any disease or due to food and drink disturbances, then home treatment of Indian sorrel can prove to be very beneficial. Prepare Chutney made by 8-10 fresh leaves of Indian sorrel enhances digestive power.

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Benefits of Indian sorrel to cure Jaundice

Jaundice is a condition in which the skin white and the eyes mucous membrane turns yellow because of the high level of bilirubin, a yellow-orange bile pigment. With the help of home remedies, we can fight against jaundice. Get a tablespoon of the juice of Indian sorrel, mix it in a cup of buttermilk and sip it slowly take it once a day. Better be regular and after a few days will get relief from jaundice.

Benefits of Indian Sorrel to get relief from Dyspepsia

Dyspepsia is often a sign of an underlying problem, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, ulcer, or gallbladder disease, rather than a condition of its own. Pain in the stomach that may sometimes occur unrelated to meals or maybe relieved with meals. Mixing an equal quantity of mint-leaves in the Indian sorrel leaves, grinding and mixing a little black pepper and salt, quickly get relief from Dyspepsia.

Benefits of Indian sorrel in Bladder Inflammation y

Benefits of Indian sorrel in Bladder Inflammation

If the bladder is swollen, If taking Indian sorrel in this way provides quick relief. Grind Indian sorrel leaves with sugar and make syrup, and drink it to get relief from bladder inflammation.

Benefits of Indian sorrel get relief from Scurvy

Scurvy happens when there is a lack of vitamin ‘C’ or ascorbic acid. The plant is a good source of vitamin ‘C’ and is used as an antiscorbutic in the treatment of Scurvy.

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Benefits of Indian sorrel to cure Eye diseases

This Indian sorrel is preventive and a cure for the various disorders related to human eyes. first make its fresh juice and then put a few drops- in your eyes. It helps to remove the strain that most of your eyes are feeling in recent times. Everybody in today’s world works on the computer, laptop, mobile, and tablet. It also helps to cure the cornea and cataracts.

Benefits of Indian sorrel removes Skin Wrinkles

Take a teaspoon of juice from Indian sorrel’s leaves and mix it in a white sandal powder. Make a paste and massage on your face gently. It helps to remove the wrinkles and makes you look young it gives a boost to your face skin.

Benefits of Indian sorrel in Urticaria

Urticaria occurs when the trigger causes a high level of histamine, this substance causes the blood vessels in the affected area of skin to open up resulting in redness or pinkness. Take 5-6 Indian sorrel leaves add black pepper-powder and ghee in the juice of Indian sorrel-leaf and rubbing it on the body provides relief in urticaria.

Benefits of Indian sorrel reduce the effect of Datura addiction by

Benefits of Indian sorrel reduce the effect of Datura addiction

Datura is poisonous and potentially psychoactive, especially its seeds and flower which can cause respiratory depression, arrhythmias, fever, delirium, hallucinations, and even death if taken internally. Drinking 20-40 ml of Indian sorrel’s syrup leads to drug addiction.

Benefits to cure gum problem or oral infection

Mix the Indian sorrel leaves with plain water and do the gargling. It will reduce the pain from the gum and whiten your teeth. It also takes care of all your oral problems like a cavity, tooth decay, and plague, etc.

Different Names in Different Languages

Ayurveda knows this plant as Chaangeri, Amlikaa, Amlapatrikaa, Chukrikaa, Chukraa, Chhatraamlikaa in Sanskrit, Puliyarai in Siddha, Ambutaa bhaaji, Amutaa saag in Unani.

Sanskrit : Amrit sak, Changari,

Hindi : Tinpatiya, Ambolisa, Amrulsak, Cukatripati

Assamese : Changeritenga

Tamil : Puliyarai, Puliyari

Telugu : Pulichinta

Gujarati : Amboti, Amboli, Changeri

Bengali : Amarul, Umulbet

Kannada : Sibargi, Pullam Purchai

Marathi : Ambuti, Amboli, Bhinsarpati

Punjabi : Khatti buti, Amrul, Surchi, Khattamitha

Malayalam : Pulivayila, Puliyarila, Pulliparel

Nepali : Chariamilo

Arabic : حميض هندي (hamid hindiin)

Chinese : 印度栗色 (Yìndù lìsè)

French : Oseille indienne

Greek : Ινδική οξαλίδα (Indikí oxalída)

Indonesian : Coklat kemerah-merahan India

Italian : Acetosa indiana

Japanese : カタバミ (Katabami)

Korean : 인도 밤색 (indo bamsaeg)

Latin : Indian rumex

Russian : Индийский щавель (Indiyskiy shchavel’)

Spanish : Acedera india

Turkish : Hint kuzukulağı

Sorrel is popularly known by different names in different parts of the world. It is known as Yellow wood-sorrel, India, Indian Sorrel, Creeping wood-sorrel, Creeping oxalis, Yellow oxalis, Creeping ladies-sorrel, Sour-grass wood-sorrel, Creeping yellow wood-sorrel, Creeping lady’s sorrel, Procumbent yellow- sorrel, Yellow procumbent wood-sorrel, Creeping sorrel, Creeping woods, Jimson Weed, Clover sorrel, Sheep sorrel, Sour grass, Wood sorrel, and Yellowwood sorrel.


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