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Briza Minor is a species of grass known by the common name Little Quaking Grass or Lesser Quaking Grass. It is native to the Mediterranean basin and is known elsewhere, including much of North America. It’s an annual grass producing narrow clumps of stems up to 6 to 8 inches tall, member of the grass family, each grass family made up of a pair of tiny bracts the stamens and the small pistol. The flower is grouped into a cluster called Florets. As its name suggests quaking grass can see ‘quivering’ or ‘quaking’ in a breezy summer will flower meadow. Its purple and green, heart-shaped flower heads hang from delicate stems. 

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This grass mostly can be seen from June to September, its heart-shaped flower heads dance on delicate stem giving the plant many different common names including ‘taller grass’, ‘Ditchery Dock’, Wigwams’ and ‘ Todding grass’. Briza Minor stems are very thin and dedicated the only flower can see without a stem, it has to watch carefully then the stem can see its closely overlapping. Broadly heart-shaped flower 2-3 mm long, tips blunt, often in-flexed, wings are very minutely fringed with hair. Little quaking grass is a native of Mediterranean introduced and growing wild in the high in western ghat in India.

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However, this plant is not an aggressive weed and only occurs springily. This kind of non-aggressive, non-native plant is at the same time called naturalized. Each floret of little quaking grass is made up of numerous, individual flower can you count the bract and figure out how many flowers make a floret, every made of the same number of flowers. The flag leaf is held outward at more than a 45-degree angle from the stem or it curves downward from the horizontal. The flag leaf is held upright or at less than a 45-degree angle out from the stem.

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The pendulous heart-shaped, green, and purple spikelets that contain the flower of quaking grass are distinctive they look like little miniature hops. They are held in the loose clusters on fine stems that quake in the breeze. The seed of quaking grass is an excellent source of food for all kinds of farmland like birds, including yellowhammers, Linnets, greenfinches, and the house of sparrows.

Family – Poaceae (grass)

Plant size – Plant upto 6 inches tall

Floret – 3 to 4 mm across

It germinate over the winter, it blooms in April and May.

Leaf blade width is 8-10mm

leaf ligule length is 4-13 mm


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