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The scientific name of the Manchineel tree is Hippomane mancinella. The manchineel tree is one of the worst untouchable species, whatever the weather. The manchineel tree is native to the Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas, Mexico, and central South America. In some part of its range, it’s painted with a cautionary red cross. The tree can found on coastal beaches and in brackish swamps where it grows among mangroves. Its common Spanish name is “little apple of death“. Helping to prevent beach erosion to provide excellent natural windbreaks and its root stabilizes into the beach sand. The tree has milky-white sap which contains toxins and can cause blistering, the sap is present in every part of the tree the bark, the leaves, and the fruits.

How do you Identify the Manchineel tree?

The evergreen tree has the reddish-gray bark of the tree, small greenish-yellow flowers, and shiny green leaves. Spike of the small greenish is followed fruit similar in appearance to an apple. The leaves are simple, alternate, very finely serrated or toothed, 3-4 inches long.

What happens if the milky-white sap gets in your skin.

The tree has a milky-white sap that contains phorbol and other skin irritants. If you happen to get it on your skin, it causes immense allergic reactions or dermatitis. Standing below the tree during the rain will cause the skin to blister. The milky-white sap is highly acidic and has been known to damage your car paints.

What happens if you eat manchineel fruit

The fruit if eaten is also fatal and ingestion produces severe gastroenteritis with bleeding, shock, bacterial superinfection, and airway compromise. The real death threat comes eating its small rounded fruit, the symptoms of eating the manchineel fruit is can prove fatal when severe vomiting, diarrhea, dehydrate the body to the point of no return.

Burning the manchineel tree is dangerous

Burning down the manchineel tree is also a bad idea. The smoke from a burning manchineel tree can temporarily blind a person and cause significant breathing problems.


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