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Pithecellobium dulce, commonly known as Manila Tamarind, Madras thorn, or camachile is a species of flowering plant in the pea family. It is also known as Monkey Pod, but that name is also used for several other plants including samanea Saman. A number of studies since the 1980s have investigated the composition and possible uses of the seeds, it has been demonstrated that the seeds can be processed to extract a greenish constitute of potentially edible fatty acid. Seeds contain 67.12% protein which researchers suggest in the future be used as animal feeds.

manila tamarind benefit for health  y plantsbhh.in

The manila tamarind is a fast-growing long-lived tree that can grow at a height and spread of 20 meters. The truck grows with very sharp needles which help to protect itself from animals while it is seeding. The needles fall off from the main trunk when the tree gets larger but remain on the branches. The leaves are small for such a large tree, they grow in pairs, each is oval-shaped 2-3 cm long and 1-2 cm wide. The flower is small about 2 cm in diameter and the fruit is a bean-like bulged pod curled up in a spiral that changes from green to red when ripe. Each pod contains from 6 to 10 black seeds each surrounded by white flesh. The white flesh tastes sweet and musky.


Manila tamarind likes the sweet/sour tamarind will tolerate a great diversity of soil but does best in deep, well-drained soil that is slightly acid. The tree will not tolerate cold, wet soil, manila tamarind seed remain viable for months and will germinate in a week after planting. Manila tamarind required full sun. Tress can tolerate exceedingly hot conditions above 40-degree Celsius and also cold conditions less than 6-degree celsius provided it is not prolonged. Manila tamarind like the sweet /sour tamarind will tolerate a great diversity of soil types but does best in deep, well-drained soils that are slightly acid. Trees will not tolerate cold wet soils. Manila tamarind seeds remain viable for months and will germinate in a week after planting.

Manila tamarind benefit for health by plantsbhh.in

The manila tamarind seed needs dry soil to prosper and has great drought resistance, but may require some irrigation. It will recover from frost if protected when young with greater cold tolerance developing with age. It’s grown in a variety of soils, it’s identified by the grey lenticellate stem and bipinnate leaf. Fresh seeds are shown in polybag and germination is noticed within 7 to 10 days. The growth of seeding is fast, after three to five months can be planted out in the field.


Manila tamarind benefit for health

Benefit for Eye Diseases

Eyelids diseases can be caused by a lump on the eyelid, eyelids redness, eyelid pain, Eye irritation, puffy eyes, In India 1953 used for eye inflammation although an anecdote from Srilanka claims the bark contains a substance that causes eye infections and swelling of the eyelids.

Benefit for Pregnant women

Miscarriage is a naturally occurring event, unlike medical or surgical abortion, Chromosomes are blocks of DNA. Leaves are said to be used in a poultice with alcohol to treat bile, as well as being used to prevent abortion/miscarriage, although the leaves are said to be used to cause abortion.

Benefits for strongest bones

Bone pain is usually deep, penetrating, or dull, bone infection, hormone disorder, and tumors. Manila tamarind fruit is excessive in calcium which helps to give a boost to bones and enamel.

Benefit for Weight loss

Weight gain can have causes that are not due to underlying diseases. It includes overeating, physical inactivity, age, or medication side effects. Weight loss drinking of the manila tamarind juice or eating the fruit would be a good diet if you want to lose weight.

Benefit for Skin problems

Skin disease can be caused by virus or side effects of the medicine. Eating the manila tamarind can slow down the aging lighten the skin removes dark spots and cure acne.

The benefit to improve immunity

Diseases in which the body’s immune system attacks healthy cells, a common viral infection of the nose and throat. The abundance of vitamin C in manila tamarind boosts the immunity system and reduce phlegm.

Benefits for Mouth Ulcer

Mouth ulcers can have causes that are not due to underlying diseases, painful sores on inner lips, gums, tongue, the roof of the mouth, or throat that may interface with eating. Manila tamarind works as an antiseptic to manage toothaches, sore gums, and mouth ulcers.

Benefits for control sugar level

Causes of high blood sugar levels are pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, certain medication, and severe illness. Diabetes drinking the juice of manila tamarind would control the sugar level.

The benefit to increase energy and stabilize stress

Health problems through stress are depression, pains of any kind, sleeping problems, digestive problems, heart disease, weight problems. Manila tamarind has high thiamine content, promote the body to convert sugar into energy, which impacts the mood, and helps stabilize stress level.

Benefit for Hair loss

The most common causes of hair loss are hereditary, change in medicinal condition, High stress, and hairstyle treatment. Manila tamarind can help to treat oily scalp and prevent hair loss.

Manila tamarind have good for health by plantsbhh.in

Manila Tamarind seeds can be eaten raw or processed into soft drinks similar to lemonades. Oil can be extracted from the seeds and is used for cooking or making soap.


Scientific name : Pithecellobium Dulce

English : Manila Tamarind

Hindi : Jalebi ; Ganga imli

Telugu : Seema Chintakaya

Tamil : Kodukka puli

Kannada : Vajipkai

Bengali – ম্যানিলা তমরিন্দ (Khoi)

Chinese – 马尼拉罗望子 ( Mǎnílā luó wàngzǐ)

French – Manille Tamarind

Gujarati – મનીલા આમલી (Manīlā āmalī)

Italian – Tamarindo di Manila

Japanese – マニラタマリンド (Maniratamarindo)

Korean – 마닐라 타마 린드 (manilla tama lindeu)

Latin – Manila tamarind

Nepali – मनिला इमली

Punjabi – ਮਨੀਲਾ ਇਮਲੀ (Manīlā imalī)

Russian – Манильский тамаринд (Manil’skiy tamarind)

Spanish – Tamarindo de manila

Turkish – Manila demirhindi


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