A palm tree is tall and straight like coconut, but there are no branches in the palm tree, but leaves grow from the stem itself. You will be surprised to know that there are two types of palm trees male and female. It means to say that only flowers bloom on the palm tree and the female tree there are round fruits like coconut. The juice extracted by cutting its stem is called toddy. The palm tree is used in Ayurveda for many diseases, depending on the medicinal properties of toddy. 

The palm tree is about 30–35 m tall, upright, and a huge topped tree. Its scars are spindle less, perhaps branched, 60–90 cm in diameter, black, and spherical. The soft stems are of black colored narrow petioles. Its leaves are 0.9–1.5 m in diameter, hand-like, fan-shaped, rigid, lanceolate, or lined, divided into two parts, made of thick veins protruding from the stem, and having a striped edge. Its flowers are monogamous, soft pink or yellow. In the autumn, oval, semicircular, fibrous three-segmented light black gray fruits of about 15-20 cm diameter come on the female trees. Which turn yellow when ripe. In a tender or raw state, the fruit contains milky water similar to raw coconut. The inner pulp, when ripe, is fibrous, red and yellow and sweet. Each fruit is elliptical with a few flattened, hard 1-3 seeds. It flourishes from November to June. It is very useful in problems like urination and stomach worm.

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Its fruits are sweet, briny, helpful in increasing both strength and Arthritis, beneficial in relieving worms, leprosy, and blood disorders. Its raw fruits are sweet, cold effector, arthritis reducing, and phlegm enhancer. The ripe fruit of palm fruit in Hindi is Shukral, Abhisheandi, Urine enhancer, Tandra-producing, late-digesting bile, blood, and mucus. The palm of the palm is sweet, cold, reduces phlegm, and diuretics with increasing phlegm. The result is sweet, balsamic, small. Its seeds are sweet, cool, urine-enhancing, and helpful in increasing aeration.

Fresh palm juice, which enhances semen and mucus, is extremely sour, pungent and aphrodisiacs when it becomes old, produces a very high production. New and fresh palm juice is very addictive. When sour, palm juice will increase pitta and reduces arthritis. The root of the palate is sweet and bloodborne.

The coconut-like fruits are three-sided when young, after become old they will becoming rounded or more or less oval, 13-16 cm wide, and capped at the base with overlapping sepals. The outer covering the smooth, thin, leathery, and brown, turning nearly black after the harvest. Inside a juicy mass of long, tough, coarse, white fiber coated with yellow or orange pulp. Within the mature seeds is a solid white softer which resembles coconut meat but is much harder. When the fruit is very young, this softer is hollow, soft as jelly, and translucent like a block of ice and accompanied by a watery liquid sweetish and potable.


The propagation in oil palm cultivation is mainly by seeds and seeds are extracted from the fruits using depericarper. Preheating of seeds is required for 75 days at 40 degrees temperature due to their high dormancy, therefore seeds should be soaked in running water and make to cool down for 4 to 5 days. The seeds are started germinating in 10 to 12 days, once germinated sprout should be transplanted into a polybag. In nursery raising the single-stage polybag system in a very popular propagation method and this process, a polybag size 40 35 should be filled with topsoil, sand, and well rotten manure. Then sprout should be placed at a depth of 2.5 cm in the center of the polybag. Regular watering and mulching should be carried for the proper growth of seeding.

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Land should be made weed-free and a couple of plowing will be given to get the soil fine tilth stage. The best season for oil palm tree planting is from June to December. However, crops grown during summer should be provided with sufficient irrigation, mulching, and growing cover crops in the tree basin are preferred to avoid the hot wind in the summer season. Healthy seeding grown up to 12 to 15 months age-old with at least 1-meter height and 12 to 13 functional leaves are recommended in oil palm cultivation. Mix the soil with 400 grams of single super phosphate and 50 grams of phorate and apply at the base of the pit as soon as planting is done. Do not forget to give irrigation immediately after the fertilizers are applied at the base of the pit. Oil palm trees are wide-spaced perennial trees and inside space can be utilized for intercropping during the initial 3 year period.

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Before plantation your oil palm tree you have to clear the forest and remove the tree stumps. Then it takes a lot of time to sow the cover crops, dig the hole in the plantation, then take the seeding nursery seeds and carry them to the plantation and plant them. All works need to be done very carefully it will take a lot of time and need patience. If you want to be a good plantation never hurry. Once the oil palm tree is planted you must put the fencing wire around the young tree after spread fertilization into the soil. Need to take a lot of care when the oil palm tree is very young. Once the oil palm tree has begun production the fruit must be harvested at any moment. When the young oil palm has been planted in the palm grove it produces male flowers. The flower form at the base of each leaf. The male flower will produce several months after several month’s female flowers will start producing. The male flower is grouped in spikes, the female flowers form other spikes. The male flower fertilizes the female flower and the female fertilized turned into a cluster of fruits.

 Oil palm crop required sufficient irrigation as its growth rate is faster and produces high yield and biomass. Farmers are advised not to grow these crops in their regions where assured and sufficient irrigation is not available. Each of the plants requires about 200 liters of water per day. Older and the summer season require more water. Mulching can be carried out to conserve soil moisture and control weed growth. Mulching can be done with dried leaves coconut husk, male flowers, and empty branches. As part of the basin management practice in the oil palm cultivation, every year one-meter radius should be made by removing inside the soils. For healthy roots, the basin is weed-free and clean.


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Benefit from Conjunctivitis

Eye disease is very contagious. The use of oil palm fruit in this way helps in relieving the pain in his eyes. Putting 1-2 drops of clarified ghee with fresh (toddy) in the eyes is beneficial in conjunctivitis.

Benefit in Urine diseases

If the color of urine changes white to yellow or becomes urine less (difficulty in passing urine).  Make the of milk and ghee with decoction and kulak of vidarikand, Kadam, and palm fruit. It will help to cure urine diseases.

Benefit from Spleen

If the spleen has increased in size due to some disease, then the use of palm fruit is proved beneficial. Consuming 65 mg of jaggery in the base of the palm flower helps in reducing the size of the spleen

Helps to stop Hiccups

If you are troubled by repeated hiccups, then you will get relief soon after consuming palm tree juice. Taking 5-10 ml of palm leaf root juice mixed with 5-10 ml of palm root juice will help to stop hiccups.

Benefits from Cholera

If cholera has occurred due to any reason, consuming palm gives quick relief. Grinding the root of the palm tree with rice water and applying it on the navel causes the extinguishment of cholera and diarrhea.

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Benefit for treat Worm

Children have a lot of problems with stomach worms. Due to this, many types of diseases are affected. The use of palm is beneficial in removing the worm from the stomach. Grind an equal quantity of palm tree root powder in Kanji and lukewarm and apply it on the navel to provide relief from stomach worms.

Benefit for weight loss

The palm tree is beneficial for weight loss due to its high fiber and water content if you eat more and more thus not increase your weight. Palm tree in your weight loss and help you achieve long-term healthy weight management.

Benefit for Liver Diseases

In the case of liver diseases or liver, patients are very useful to control and healthy your liver. Need to consume 10-15 ml palm tree fruit juice benefit for liver problems.

Get relief from Dysuria

Dysuria is a common problem for everyone, take the palm tree fruit fresh juice add sugar or honey for sweetness and drink it or give to the patient is beneficial in urinary problems or difficulty in urinating or burning sensation in urine. It also helps to cure the Polyuria patient.

Benefit for Healthy Heart

Palm trees are in fiber is an essential nutrient for the healthy heart for a great source. The palm tree has been proven to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol level.

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Benefit for Diabetes

Today’s run-of-the-mill and stressful life has become such that there is no rule of eating nor sleeping. The result is that people are becoming victims of diabetes. Mixing fresh palm tree juice with rice flour, cooking it on a low flame, and have benefited in the case of gonorrhea and minor wounds and as well as diabetes.

Benefit in Constipation

The use of palm fruit is beneficial in stomach problems. This fruit has laxative properties, which keeps the digestive power and helps to relieve constipation.

Benefits for Brain Functions

Year and year we get older are at higher risk of malnutrition due to various factors that may include a reduction in appetite and limited access to foods. This will less in nutrients contributing to cognitive decline. Palm trees are a helpful and convenient way to increase the intake of vitamin B6 through diet. The palm tree helps in better functioning of the brain. Taking honey mixed with 5-10 ml juice of palm branches is beneficial in mania or insanity.

Benefits for Burning and irritation

One reason for irritation in the esophagus may be excessive acid in the stomach. In such a situation it is beneficial to use palm tree fruit, as it has cold properties that help in reducing irritation.

The benefit to treat Liver

According to Ayurvedic experts, palm tree fruits act as a tonic for the liver. Therefore, its use is beneficial when there is a problem with liver enlargement. In many places, this fruit is known as a liver tonic.

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Benefit for deficiency in Anemia

The palm tree has a natural source of iron and vitamin C with iron rich plant foods is a key way to increase your iron absorption and prevent anemia. In addition to pregnant women, women of childbearing age and young children are at particular risks of iron deficiency, So palm tree juice and fruit juice are beneficial can help to reduce the risk.

Benefit for Sugar control

Palm tree juice and the fruit are getting enough fiber to keep blood sugar control level. carbohydrate that is high in starch and sugar are largely responsible for elevated blood sugar levels.


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Indoor palm tree plantation in your home and office there are benefits of having an indoor palm tree. Here is the reason why should keep palm tree around us at home and mostly in the office.

1) It provide fresh air and clean air

2) Supplying the excess oxygen

3) Control the dust level and give more oxygen

4) Its keep weather cooler even in summer season

5) improves air Humidity

6) Reduce work stress and fatigue

7) This plant is beautify and easily reconnect with nature

8) Plants have mother nature feelings it helps to boost your mood. Plants have the power to increase positive feelings.

9) This plant maintenance is very low, watering once a week

10) It helps induce better sleep because they provide cleaner air, more oxygen, and keep moisture level stabilizer.

11) Chemical free and all natural way to freshen up your home and office.

Ultimately these indoor plants have the power to foster a healthier and happier working and living environment.


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English : Breb tree; Desert palm

Hindi : Taal; Tadh

Sanskrit : Taal ; Tranraj

Odisha : Talo

Kannada : Talimara

Tamil : Pannai Param

Gujarati : Taal

Marathi : Taad; Tamar

Telugu : Tali ; Namatudu

Bengali : Tal ; Talgachh

Malayalam : Ampana; Talam 


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