Bodha tree’s scientific name is Ficus Religiosa. Peepal tree is a largely dry-season deciduous or semi-green tree up to 30 meters (98 feet) tall and with a trunk diameter shape up to 3 meters (9.8 feet). Leaves are chordate in shape with a distinctive extended drip tip they are 10-17 centimeters, 3.9 to 6.7 inches long, and 8-12 centimeter broad. The fruit of the tree is usually small figs that are green when young and turn purple while open ripening. Peepal tree is live a very long lifespan on average between 900 to 1500 years, it has been reportedly founding living peepal tree for over 3000 years. The sacred fig is considered to have a religious significance in three major religions that originated on the Indian subcontinent are Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The leaves of the tree are heart-shaped and have a distinctive tip. The root of the peepal plant is covered with seeds inside the soil and extends very far. Like the Vat tree, its old tree trunk and thick branches emerge from it. This is called the peepal beard. These jats are not very thick and long. A sticky white substance (like milk) is produced by breaking or peeling its trunk or branches or by breaking the soft leaves.

There are hardly people who would not know about the peepal tree. An elephant eats its leaves with greater fervor, therefore it’s also called Gajabhakshi. Peepal trees can available anywhere, it is also found on the roadsides, in temple and garden. Some people know it’s a worship tree, on every Saturday peoples worship the peepal tree, but it also used medicinally and many more benefits can be taken in diseases. It is the most oxygen-producing tree in India. Thus planting a peepal tree in your house can be good for cleaning the air around.

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The peepal tree represents the trident of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, The roots are being Brahma, the trucks are Vishnu and the leaves are Shiva. The peepal tree is popularly known as the Bodhi tree, Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment and meditating under the peepal tree. The peepal tree is considered holy as it worshiped for centuries and also has significance. According to the various Vedas, the peepal tree denoted different things like Rig Veda, its also considered as a god and in Atharva Veda, it is described as the home of all gods.


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According to the science of Ayurveda every part of the peepal tree – the leaf, bark, shoot, seeds, and its fruit has several medicinal benefits, and it used being since ancient times to cure many diseases.

Benefit for Eye Diseases

Eye diseases can be cured by the benefits of Peepal leaf. Applying the milk (Akshar) from peepal leaf in the eye cures pain in the eyes.

Dental disease treatment

Brushing the teeth with a fresh sprig of peepal daily makes the teeth strong. This kills bacteria and reduces gingivitis. Apart from this, the tooth smell of peepal also ends the bad odor coming from the mouth.

Benefit for Stuttering

The benefits of the Peepal tree also provide benefits in the problem of stuttering (talk with continued involuntary repetition of sounds). Mix honey in half a teaspoon of ripe fruit powder. Taking it in the morning and evening provides relief in a stutter.

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Cough problems

A dry cough is irritating and usually associated with a tickly throat. It causes viral illnesses such as cold and flu, and also caused by allergies or throat irritants. A decoction of the bark of 40 ml peepal plant and use 10 ml juice thrice a day is beneficial in cough.

Cure Asthma

The most common causes of asthma flare-ups are infection, exercise, allergen, and air pollution. Those who have asthma may experience wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. With the help of home remedies, we can cure asthma, take peepal bark powder, and grind an equal quantity of ripe fruit. Taking half a teaspoon three times a day is beneficial in asthma.

Benefit for Stomach pain

The pain of the stomach is cured by the benefits of peepal leaf. Make a tablet by grinding two and a half leaves of peepal and mixing it with 50 grams of jaggery. It should be eaten 3-4 times a day it will cure stomach pain.

Benefit for Constipation

constipation is a symptom, not a disease, and caused by poor diet, pregnancy, laxative abuse, travel, specific disease, hormonal disturbance. Constipation problem is cured by the benefits of peepal leaf. If constipation occurs, eat 5-10 fruits of peepal regularly. Constipation will be cured.

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Benefit for Wound Healing

The use of bark and leaves of the peepal tree is beneficial in skin problems because peepal has the property of quick healing of the wound. According to a study, the extract when applied to these wounds showed a significant contraction of the wounded area and reduce the time required for healing. It depends upon dose-depended and depends on how immediately it is applied to the wound area.

Benefit for Itching problems

If there is a problem with itching, make 50 grams of the bark of peepal. Make a paste by mixing lime and ghee as required or make a decoction of peepal bark and drink 10-30 ml daily in the morning and evening, itching will be cured.

Benefit for Skin diseases

Irritating skin can because immune system disorder, infection with medicine, eczema is the most common skin allergy. Eating decoction 40 ml in the morning soft tender peepal beneficial for pimples ends, itching, and skin diseases.

Benefit for Immunity-Boosting

The bark of the pee-pal tree is found to have immune-boosting properties. The bark extract was capable of generating cellular and antibody responses when administrated in an appropriate dosage. The extract was thus capable of stimulating the immune system.

A benefit to treating Feet healing or cracked

Many people complain that their feet have torn their ankles. In this case, you can take the benefits of peepal leaves. Apply juice or milk (Akshar) of peepal leaves when hands and feet burst. It will cure and benefits.

Benefit in Urine problems

Infection in the part of urine like kidney bladder, smelling in urine, and frequent urination. Drinking decoction of peepal bark gets relief in the problem of intermittent urination.

Syphilis (STD) (Sexually transmitted diseases)

Syphilis is bacteria transmission through contact with an infected person sore during sexual activity. Use of Peepal tree to treatment in syphilis (syphilis) disease. Burn peepal bark and make it ash. Sprinkling this ash in the place of syphilis is beneficial.

Benefit for Infertility

Infertility is abnormal sperm production, genetic defects, health problems, such as diabetes, infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, or HIV. Peepal trees provide benefits in the problem of infertility. After the end of menstruation, drink 1-2 grams of powder of dried fruit of peepal with raw milk. Drink for 14 days it will help to cure the infertility of a woman.

Benefit in Diabetes

The root bark extract is found to have the property of lowering blood sugar. Studies have is found that they possess significant anti-diabetics property. When given in appropriate doses to diabetics patient, showed an effective lowering of the blood sugar.

Benefit for TB Diseases

TB diseases spread when a person with active TB diseases in their lungs cough or snoozes and someone else inhales. Make modak (laddu) of peepal root. Eating the peepal root is beneficial for TB disease.

Benefit for Typhoid

People who drink contaminated water and washed with contaminated water can get typhoid fever, or using a toilet contaminated with bacteria and touching your mouth before washing your hand. Taking 1-2 grams powder of the bark of peepal tree with honey in the morning and evening provides relief in typhoid. 

Benefit in Sexual Stamina

Cook the peepal fruit, root, bark, and dry ginger in milk. Take sugar and honey for sweetness, drink regularly in the morning and evening removes physical weakness and provides stamina.

New baby leaves Benefit in Sexual Stamina by plantsbhh
Bodhi tree leaves, fresh sprouts

A benefit to getting relief from a snake bite

If the snakes bite, before taking into the hospital or doctor not available, immediately take 5-10 peepal tree leaves and make it juice and drink it 3-4 times. It does not make juice you can directly chewing the peepal tree leaves its also a benefit.


bodha tree  benefit to getting relief from a snake bite by plantsbhh

Peepal trees are native to the Indian subcontinent and thrive in hot, humid weather. They prefer full sunlight and grow in all soil types, though loam is the best when planting, use soil with a pH of 7 or below. If possible for the plant to grow indoor in a pot it grows best outside, young peepal tree needs proper nourishment. It requires full sunlight and proper water. Sacred fig occurs naturally in the subcutaneous forest region. The seed has a thick protective coat which gets digested in the gastrointestinal, tract of birds and animals that eat them. Once these seeds are disposed of from the digestive tract along with the organic waste they would be active for germination. Why you find these plants growing in unlikely places like building walls, roof flyover, and even on the branches of other trees.

If you want to propagate the plant you could try to 

1) Graft the branches from an existing healthy tree.

2) Collect the dropping of this animal (birds can an excellent source of manure) and provide them a favorable setting in a container to germinate and grow.

It takes quite some time for the tree to sprout from the initial seed (smaller than a mustard seed) but once it does it can easily grow strong and healthy.

The best thing about mother nature is that she has surrounded us with everything that would keep us safe and protected. One of which is the trees and plants, their significance in our lives is hugely important. They are the major source of balancing all the oxygen in the atmosphere.

If a peepal plant grows on the wall in the house then it should be immediately shifted to a pot after worshiping it, do not try to cut off the root because in its roots the three gods are inhabited.

One thing that should be kept in mind while removing the plant is that while removing the plant does not cut its root or not in accidentally. Because in the scripture the peepal tree is believed to be the above of Brahma. Do not accidentally plant a tree in the east direction of the house, because of this there will be a shortage of money in the house.


People’s Botanical Name Ficus religiosa Linn. (Ficus religious) Syn-Ficus Caudata Stokes; Ficus peepul Griff. And it belongs to the Moraceae (Moraceae) clan. People are also known by other names in the country or abroad: –

Hindi – peepal

English – Bodh tree

Sanskrit – Peeppal

Oriya – Jori

Urdu – Pipal

Assamese – Anhot

Kannada – Arali

Gujarati – Pipro

Tamil – Arsumaram (Arasu)

Telugu – Ravi Chetlu (Ashvatthamu)

Nepali – Pipal

Punjabi – Pipal

Bengali – Asvatwha (bodh)

Marathi – Pimpal

Malayalam – Arachu : Arsu

Manipuri – Sana khongnang


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