Zephyranthes rosea, commonly known as the Cuban zephyrlily, rosy rain lily, rose fairy lily, rose zephyr lily or the pink rain lily, is a species of rain lily native to Peru and Colombia. They are widely cultivated as ornamentals and have become naturalized in tropical regions worldwide. Pink rain is a perennial with a outward spreading grassy foliage growing like bulb with reddish colour. The pink rain lily was 3-7 inches long , narrow strap like green leaves are slightly glossy or shine. They are small plants reaching only of 16 to 22 cm (6-8) inches in height, They bear five to six narrow and flatted dark green leaves. The six pelated flowers are around 2.6 cm in diameter and 3 to 4 cm in length, the six stamen all are different shapes and the length. One of 10 mm (0.45 inches), one of 15 mm (0.62) inches, and other four are between 12 to 14 mm. The flower develop into capsules that are divided deeply into the three lobes. Their seeds are very black shiny and mostly flattened.

The foliage is grassy and dark green and tend to have a prostrate habit think of the narrow foliage of grape hyacinth bulbs which is similar. An individual flower will only last a few days with the heaviest flush of blooms occurring first. The bulbs may bloom occasionally throughout the rest of the season which is rainy season.


Choose a area that full sunlight in an average to reach garden soil, Some dapples shade or afternoon shade will tolerated especially in hot climate. In wide range of drainage situation the bulb will exhibit tolerance so its luck with these both boggy and sandy condition. In a sandy soil plant the bulb in the deep plant into the deeper of sandy soil for four to nine inches.

Plant the small rain lily in well-draining soil during the fall season. Soil that is rich, holds moisture well, and is slightly acidic is preferable for this plant. Place pink rain lily about an inch deep and 3 inches (7.5 cm.) apart. When moving and transplanting pink rain lily, any time of year will work if the bulbs are planted quickly and watering.

• Plant will be shade automatically in the high hot temperature of sunlight, especially in hottest areas.
• Regular watering is compulsory for rain lily plants, even after during the dormancy.
• Pink rain lily plant soil should be well draining.
• Once the pink rain lily plant is overcrowded then only you can moved the plant in another place.
• Before you moving the pink rain lily plant, make sure have the new planting areas prepare the same soil.
Pink rain Lily flowers should be removed as soon as they fade. Blooms left in place will produce seed, which diverts energy from flower production and plant growth. The flowers can be cut or pinched off. Alternatively, cut the stalks when the blooms first open and use them in floral arrangements.


Benefit for Insomnia : Some people are not getting sleep after going into the bed and have not been able to close the eyes. Their is a natural way to get sleep take 10 grams of pink ran lily leaves, wash with fresh water then take 500 ml water and heat it. Add the leaves into the boiled water, and keep it for 5 min. Drink the water two time morning and night to reduce the insomnia.

Benefit for Headache : Now a days headache are very common for everyone. Try this traditionally home remedies to get relief from headache. Take 15 grams of pink rain lily and add with 500 ml of water and heat it, The 1/4 of water is remaining keep it for cool. Drink immediately it will reduce the headache instantly.

Benefit to improve liver function : The liver early stage turns out to be effective in impair liver function. Take the 10 grams of pink rainy lily and boiled into 250 ml of water, drink this decoction regularly until the symptoms will disappear.

Benefits in Menstrual Cycle : Some time it overcome and late menstrual, skin mashed brown flower plant. Mixed with boiled water and drink it as a tea, Its benefits in menstrual.

Benefit to relief from Fever : Take the flower then mashed and make it paste on the brow edge. The pink rainy lily flower proved to be able to reduce high body heat in children.


Hello friends... I am a nature-loving person and very passionate about writing these blogs, as we know we can't leave without plants. Plants not only give oxygen but they are many benefits for wellbeing. This website will help you on how to take precautions with the help of home remedies. I will be happy if my website will help you with the illness...Stay Home...Stay safe.

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