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In 1769 when Captain Cook first observed plantations of Colocasia tuber, in Scientific name called as Colocasia Esculenta (Taro) term taro was borrowed from the Maori language of New Zealand. Arabic is also called Taro by many people. This is a vegetable that you will all eat. It is easily available in the market. Its taste is slightly different from other vegetables. Two types of dishes are commonly made from Arabic, dry vegetables, and juicy vegetables. Some people also make a variety of dishes from taro ke patte. People do not know about Arabic that the use of Arabic has many benefits for the body. Do you know that you can also cure many diseases using taro roots

Taro has large and light green heart-shaped leaves, fleshy stems and grows up to 1.7 m tall. Taro can be cultivated in wet soil land and dry soil land. The corn of taro is used as a vegetable and consider a rich source of carbohydrates, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Taro tubers contain 70 to 90 percent starch in them.

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Arabic is cultivated for tubers and leaves. It is an aphrodisiac, so parsley is added to Arabic cuisine to reduce Vata. Despite this, it is beneficial in heart diseases. The body gets nutritious elements from its intake. By cooking taro in oil, it tastes very good.

Taro plant was probably first native to the lowland wetland of Malaysia where it’s called tales.

The stems were slender and when the wind blew they swayed and bent as though paying homage, their heart-shaped leaves shivering gracefully as in hula. And in the center of each leaf water gathered like a mother’s teardrop.
Taro plant growing up to 50-160 cm height it prefers deep, well-drained if it’s able loams soil, particularly alluvial loams, with the high water table.


Taro plant and taro are loaded with potassium that is important for minerals in the body process. Taro is also having calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B, in addition to magnesium manganese, and copper. Taro leaves gives us great quantities of vitamin A and vitamin C along with large quantities of protein.

Taro roots play an important role in the antioxidant in our body. Taro roots help us to boost the immune system and help eliminate dangerous free radicals from our system.

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Taro roots potassium not only enables healthy fluid transfers between membrane and tissues throughout the body but also helps to relieve stress and pressure on blood vessels and arteries. Some benefits of our body are.

Benefit for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem for everyone, women and men all take different measures to prevent hair fall. They all are trying to take different treatment for hair fall but doesn’t benefit completely. Simple home remedies can stop hair falling just need to massage the scalp with the juice of taro tuber.

Benefit for Headache

This is also a very common issue for all the people and it causes many ways. You can get relief from headaches with the help of taro. Take the taro juice and add buttermilk or curd, drinking the juice will give better relief from headache.

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Benefit for Inflammation

Inflammation problem can be cured by taro properties. Take the juice of taro leaves and their sticks then add salt to it. Applying it on the skin, swelling of the lumps and muscles is cured.

A benefit to fight against Constipation

Constipation is a disease that troubles many people. Due to this stomach disease, the food and drink of people change a lot. The properties of taro are also useful in this disease. Drink a decoction of taro tubers. This helps to cure constipation.

Benefit for Weight loss

Heavyweight excessive fat that increases the risk of health problems they are overweight, back pain, snoring. Taro has a high fiber content it will help in digestion, which the chances of accumulation of fat in the body become equal. It also helps in control your weight and digestion late due to this, there is not much hunger for a long time.

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Benefits in Eye Problems

Some serious eye diseases have sudden symptoms the following causes of eye problems are age-related muscular, cataract, glaucoma, and stress. Eat the taro (are) leaves and tuber vegetables that are beneficial for eye diseases.

Benefit for Healthy Skin

The use of taro root is also beneficial in some skin-related diseases such as pimples. It has anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from any kind of inflammation. The softening properties present in it provide the skin to cool down in every type of infection ie infection or inflammation and keep the skin healthy.

Benefits to improve Physical Weakness

People who have lots of workloads, tension, and stress can increase the physical weakness. It can be cured just make a taro root “bharta” and by consuming it, the body becomes healthy and improves your physical weakness.

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Benefit for Wound Healing

This is also common to cut the hand while working or cooking, for diabetes peoples will take lots of time to heal the wound. If a person’s wound is not healing, then using taro leaves brings benefits. Take the baby or soft leaves of taro and grind it and apply it on the wound. This stops bleeding and heals the wound.

Benefits for Boosting Immunity

Vitamin C is there in taro root is useful in regenerative functions and boosts the immunity of the body. The nutrients found in taro its good digestive and vigor for the body.

Benefit for Digestion

Taro roots contain good fiber that is useful for the digestive system. After having a small meal its feels like being full for a longer time which will keep you hunger for a long time.

Benefit for Healthy Heart

You can consume the taro roots many times without worrying about weight gaining and health problems related to fatty acid foods like heart and kidney diseases. Taro root will help you to keep your heart healthy and prevent the risk of a heart attack.

Benefits for Diabetes

The use of taro root also benefits in diabetes, because the element called tannin helps in controlling food and excessive intake of fat, carbohydrates, and glucose, with the help of an element called tannin. He also has the controlling property of diabetes, which helps in maintaining the normal amount of sugar in the blood.

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Taro is grown across the country but the method of cultivation depends on the nature of the island where it’s grown. Taro also plays important role in the country’s export trade.


There are different names in different languages of the taro plant.

Hindi : Arvi ; kachchu

English : Taro root ; scratch coco ; Elephant ear

Sanskrit : Kachchu ; Aluki

Kannada : Kesave

Gujarat : Alvi ; patar ; saryia

Oriya : Saru

Bengali : Kochu ; Ashukuchu

Telugu : Chamadumpa

Tamil : Shementhun ; Shamakkilangu ; Sivapan kizhangu

Marathi : Alu

Philippine : Gabi

Korea : Toran

Japan : Satoimo

West-indies : Dasheen

Hawaiian : Kalo


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